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Anemia or blood deficiency

In medical science, the meaning of Anemia is deficiency of blood in a body. In this disease, the small rate of iron results in the deficiency of hemoglobin and red blood cells. In this way, the blood is not properly circulated from lungs to the tissues, which results in low energy metabolism in cells. Hemoglobin is that particle of blood, which provides it red color and makes the passing of oxygen easy.


There are many causes of Anemia but the most basic one is the use of inappropriate and unbalanced food. The meat and other nutritious food is not easy to afford for everyone. Therefore, when they do not get proper diet, they easily stuck into Anemia.

There are not very special symptoms of Anemia. Anemic patients say that they have the problems like weakness, pail complexion, lack of consideration etc. Medicians say that this disease effects the growth of the body, movements, mental abilities and memory.

The deficiency of iron has a complicated sign, which is known as Pica. In this issue, patient has certain desire for something, like dry or wet mud, ice, toothpaste etc. According to the report of WHO, the 58% of the women of developing countries are anemic. They do not take proper food and regular iron supplements as are suggested by doctors. These are good not only for them but for their children too. These supplements reduce the problem of deficiency of blood in a body. Therefore, these are good for health.

Along with these supplements, balanced and proper diet is also necessary. It includes meat of cow, goat, chicken, fish, eggs, spinach, dates and nuts. They have the power to reduce this problem.
Food industry introduces the food items, which have extra quantity of iron. For example, bread, different series for breakfast etc, anemic patients should use them. If Vitamin C should also be used with Iron food, for example, citrus, lemon, tomato etc, then body gets enough amount of minerals and iron which is healthy for a person.